Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reunions with some "brave companions of the road"

We made it!

Jozefien (1st met walking out of Astorga last seen Villafranca), Anne Matte (1st seen Estella 1st met Villafranca last seen Palas de Rei), Nell and Frances

Anne Matte now

Jozefien now....

Anne Matte, Nell, Frances, Vis and Viana aks the 'Galloping Grannies' (1st met outside Leon last seen Palas de Rei)

Sung Hi (1st seen at Burgette or Zubiri 1st met at Puente La Reina last seen at Rua Dos Concheiros!)
....then (15 minutes ago!)

Mr and Mrs Trolleyman. He started walking last October in Rome and walked all the way (1st seen outside Belorado last met at Ribadiso)
...then .

Kate Rutherford aka Kwik kate (1st met on the road to San Juan de Ortega last seen Castrojerez)



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Anonymous said...

Thank you Nell for a lovely blog. I am so glad you got good weather when you arrived at Acebo- it was one of my favorite little towns. I will be revisiting your story as I enjoy other's views of the camino. I too hope to walk again in the future but have no concrete plans at present.
Regards BegoniaD from Australia (Adelaide)