Thursday, November 5, 2009

Los Arcos to Legrono

Best days walking yet!

Santo Selpulchro-Torres Del Rio

Katherine, Spanish 'Rock guy' and Nell outside S. Sepulchro in the sun-Torres del Rio
Crucifix Santo Sepulchro Torres del Rio
Nell and Katherine 'shiny happy pilgrims' -Blue sky, no rain & mountains-but only as a backdrop
No 'heads down trudging' today as we are keeping a good pace and able to look around and enjoy the landscape we are walking through-and it's a wonderful one-snow-capped mountains to the north, the landscape sculpted with terraced vineyards, vines hard pruned and ready for action, bright green fields contrasting with the tilled pink soil of La Rioja.

Katherine disappearing around the corner-Ermita de Nuestra Senora del Poyo

Vines-Hard pruned

We meet up with an Irish couple walking 'the wrong way' towards us (it's so funny how I form rules in my head- Camino rule 1 'Always Head West') they are doing the Camino in little stages and have Spanish friends who drop them off and collect them at the end of each day.
Climb up a small rise and over the N-111 see Logrono in the distance-easy peasy.
There is a bench very thoughtfully positioned on the roadside so we stop for a snack and 'boots off' time. Sitting in the sun chomping on some great sausage Katherine brought wriggling our toes happy in the knowledge that we still have chocolate and bananas to wonder people passing in cars stare at the three 'blissed out' pilgrims on the bench.
We pass through Viana which is a great little town, there is a fiesta on and everywhere we go people urge us to stay on for the fun. In one back street come across a group of older citizens with a huge paella on the go-they are very serious and it looks and smells delicious. I'm sorely tempted to linger but we need to get those boots so press on to Logrono.
We get our sello at the Cathedral and, hidden around the back of the alter, discover a beautiful little Durer drawing of the Crucifiction. Have dinner with other pilgrims in the Cafe Moderno (great spot) and sample a glass or three of some fine Rioja-as a matter of duty as Stephen specifically asked that I should. Its a tough old station being a pilgrim sometimes.

"Hey Frances are you sure this is right-as its kind of flatish and nice to walk on?"


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