Friday, November 6, 2009

Sahagun to Leon

Leon is a bustling lively city as we walk in we pass through at least 2 outdoor markets and hop in for a fantastic and entertaining brunch of tapas. The man that owns the place is a fanatical fisherman so has been to Ireland for the salmon and trout fishing. Hanging on the wall are many photos of the gigantic catfish he has caught in Spanish rivers (note to self don't go swimming in rivers) Gunta and Katherine are staying at the Benedictinas and we walk over to the albergue with them but we decide to stay right opposite San Isodore where we can see actually see the church and the Puerta Del Perdon. Its also right on the Camino heading out of town.

Busy Lively Leon
The windows in the Cathedral are amazing-its like sitting in a rainbow-the palette range though is different from what I'm used to with a strange pale green being used extensively. We sit and stare and stare-crick necks but its worth it.

".....its not that Pilar meant to outdo the bride but her choice of scarlet flamenco dress with matching accessories including bag, hat and younger daughter (that's not a happy kid) certainly drew attention from the crowd..."

".........including the father of the bride."
It was actually a lovely wedding and the bride was so happy, the sun came out just as she arrived and all the guests looked very glamorous.
They even had this funky little Citroen for the Wedding limo- its odd but we have seen an awful lot of Peugots and Citroens all the way from Roncevalles. Camino Frances by name Frances by purchase?

For this classically minded stork its location, location, location (memorial to the VII legion).

Puerta Del Perdon- The Door of forgiveness. If a pilgrim wasn't able to complete the pilgrimage due to illness they could be granted the same indulgence by passing though this doorway-so I try get a little insurance. The sculptural programme is amazing and includes a complex allegorical tympanum. Inside the monastery (not the church) are a series of incredibly vivid 12th century frescos decorating the vaults and walls. The museum there also had a great collection of ivories and wonderful fabrics including a stole made by Eleanor of Aquitaine that has a pattern of Gothic facades woven into it- how trendy and up to date is that?
Katherine is to go back home and may, or may not, recommence her Camino this year-so we have a goodbye dinner to send her on way.
Puerta Del Perdon-San Isodore Leon

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