Thursday, November 5, 2009

Santo Domingo to Belorado

The 'rest' (well a change is as good as a break!) day in Santo Domingo seems to have made a big difference and we set off early. Katherine has developed abscess on her tooth so is heading back to Toulouse to get it fixed - we don't know if we will see her again.Though she may decide to skip a section and in that case we may meet up- hope everything works out for her she has so much bounce and energy.

Belorado is a sleepy comfortably scruffy sort of place with no notions of grandeur-the people are friendly and laid back and we love it. In a fit of madness we decide to walk on to Villa franca and reckon we can easily do it in 2 hours without our packs and then get the bus back to Belorado. My god what a difference a pack makes we zip into Villa Franca no bother and are glad we aren't staying there as the main road thunders through it -so we hop on the bus back 'home' to Belorado. Our cunning plan means we can have a bit of a sleep in and get the bus back to VF tomorrow.
Sitting in the square sipping a beer admiring the knobbly pollarding of the planes , we notice kids getting their Friday teats at a funny little shop that makes up paper bags with assortments of penny chews and the like. As each child comes out they join the group and walk back and forth comparing notes on what each of them got in their goody bag-its a serious business and. obviously happens every Friday.
Above the town are the remains of Roman Castro and medieval Castelo-the views are breathtaking. On local advice we go to a local bar for dinner-we are the only diners and have to wait for a game of cards to finish and the green baize to be rolled up and put away before our table can be set. The bar is full of people drinking and we form a point of interest for them as we wait for our meal and we're quizzed as to where we're from, what do we do, have we been to Spain before and what is the best place we've seen so far. We tell them truthfully that we like Belorado so much we came back here to spend the night-well that seals the deal and we are treated like royalty and given a great meal.

Castelo at Belorado

Nell heading 'home' in Belorado-storks nests decorating the church.

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