Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Feast or Famine? In Santiago its definitely a Feast

Thats my little lobster

Often on the English version pilgrim menus we would see the in the option 'small cow chop' and 'Big cow chop' I sampled the 'small cow chop' a good few times and they were good but now I was ready to take on the Big Cow Chop option so thats what I ordered. They presented me with a wooden board and well..... a picture paints a thousand words. Of course it was delicious and the others having laughed like hyenas when it first came out suffered severe plate/board envy once they tasted it. But it is a once a quarter sort of order.

'Big Cow Chop'

On post Camino reflection I wouldn't be without my:- Sprayway 'Compact jacket' (cotton effect Gortex easily squashed into pack), Pac Lite over trousers (brilliant light fold into tiny space-don't lose them!), Jack Murphy poncho, 'Trekmates' gloves, Northface Tech jerkin, Spayway 'Whisper 1665' light front zipping fleece, Columbia 'Titanium' Tech walking pants with lots of pockets (great for sello etc), Pull on 'neck tubes' one in tech material for sun and sweat & fleecy one for warmth, Bridgedale 'Trek' socks & Bridgedale Liner socks, Berghaus 'Tech T' teeshirts with throat zip and collar (for sun), Brasher 'Towa GTX' boots (thick spongy soles absorb road shock and protect heals etc),Source 'X strap' sandals (spongy soles, light and waterproof for showers etc), M & S sunhat with soft adjustable chin strap, Elastoplast heavy duty adjustable knee straps (velcro fasteners) & smaller strap knee braces (for after dinner wear!), Compeed sticks/vaseline/vicks vapour rub(all for feet) & Compeed plasters, Black Diamond Sychro walking poles with 'Flicklock' fasteners, Lowe Alpine 'Air Zone Centro' 45+10 pack (ladies version).


Nizzy said...

Some nice photos on here. that bakery sure looks scrumptious!!


Annie said...

Oh my gosh! How did I miss your blog? All these photos of fooooood! lol You're tormenting me!